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My Chili Recipe

My Chili Recipe

Kipp's Hot Dog Chili

Nothing is better than a Summer Cook Out featuring fresh off the grill Hot Dogs covered in freshly cooked chili!  I apparently have a knack of making a very tasty chili, and since a few folks have asked for the recipe, I figured I’d post it here for all to have access to.  It’s pretty simple, my secret ingredient is Honey, and if you follow the directions below, you’ll have some great chili to cover your freshly grilled hot dogs with as well!


This recipe is based on 3 lbs. of Meat.  This time, I used 80% / 20%, but I have used most all breakdowns…realistically depending on what is on sale!  Brown it in a pan then move it to a colander to drain off the grease.  


Return the meat to the pan and add the following seasonings:

2 cups of Ketchup / 2 cups of Water / 2/3 Tablespoon each of Onion Powder and Garlic Powder / 2 Tablespoons of Honey and Worchestershire Sauce / 1/2 Teaspoon each of Salt and Pepper

Mix it together and let it simmer at medium/low heat…the longer it simmers, the better it will be!  Freeze leftovers to enjoy ONE more time!!

Strive for Two Things Every Day…

Strive for Two Things Every Day…

In listening to Zig Ziglar Secret’s of Closing the Sale recently, I heard this quote:

Strive for 2 things every day…be the best you can be today, and learn something today that will make you even better tomorrow.

As easy as this sounds, “life” has a way of getting in the way and before you know it, another day has slipped away and you wonder…”Where’d the time go?”  That is a valid question, and is the first step in making this quote come to life in your evolution.

It takes focus and energy to bring this to life.

  • Be the best you can be today – prepare, plan, execute, analyze the results…repeat…repeat…and repeat.  What my career in sales and sales leadership has taught me is that success is a foreign concept to those who don’t plan and execute.  Laziness will always catch up to those who practice it.  It takes hard work to be your best, but why would you give any less to you or your employer?
  • Learn something today that will make you even better tomorrow – the concept of intellectual curiosity is one that has always come natural to me but appears to be foreign to some of my co-workers and family members through the years.  I have “bet” some of my reps $5 during a field day that I could learn something about their territory by asking questions of customers that they didn’t know already.  In most cases, I kept my money.  Simply keeping your eyes open and listening to what is going on around you will give you insights that you can leverage to become better tomorrow.  As Dave Ramsey has been known to say, the difference between you today and you ten years from now is the books you read and the people you meet.  Make those encounters count!!

Nobody is perfect, but all we can strive for is continuous improvement!  Who’s with me???

Write it Down!!

Write it Down!!

“A short pencil is always better than an long memory…so write it down!”

I ran into a former co-worker this week, and he quoted one of his former directors as saying something I had never heard before.  He said his old director would say at meetings…”a short pencil is always better than a long memory…get ’em out.

Now today I always struggle with using a pencil or a stylus…using paper or going paperless…but either way, I still agree with the concept of this quote.  I live in a world where we are all about the “call continuum”…the concept of progressing a call forward from one time to the next.  Nothing is more frustrating for me as a manger, and I’m sure for the customer also, to feel like we are just replaying the same call that has occurred multiple times before.  Many times when we stop and attempt to diagnose why this happens, it boils down to the rep not writing down what happened before so by default they ask the same questions and re-run the call again.

One of the keys that I truly believe separates “good from great” in sales is the applying the skill of consistently taking notes and reviewing those notes prior to sales calls so the time we spend is as effective and productive as possible.  I face this myself as a leader when I have interactions with my team.  I can’t count the number of times that I’ve left a conversation with a co-worker and 30 minutes later a follow up item pops into my mind that I should’ve asked about.  What a waste of time and energy that is!  The better I am at writing things down AND REVIEWING them before interactions, the more effective I will be.

The same is true for you…regardless of the industry or business you are in.  Write things down, whether using lead and paper or a stylus and tablet, so that you can keep up with what is going on and can become a more effective version of you.  Now go get busy!

2018 Social Media Plans

2018 Social Media Plans

So I’ve got a master plan for 2018…I’m going to see if a planned approach to my blog and social media activity will indeed increase my followers.  I’m not going to disclose my “plan”, but I’ll be interested in the results. There are many sites that talk about your “personal brand” which includes such a planned approach to social media.  The one that spoke to me was this one from SproutSocial.  Review it if you’d like!

My current social media following as of 1/1/2018 is:

  • Facebook – 880
  • Twitter – 195
  • Instagram – 106
  • LinkedIn – 644
  • Blog Subscribers – 1

I’ll keep updating this through 2018 to see if my “personal branding” plan generates the anticipated results.

When 95% Just Isn’t Good Enough

When 95% Just Isn’t Good Enough

My son Spencer was the timpani player in 2017 for the All District Band which was held at Darlington Middle School.  The leader of the Senior High District Band did an example, which I’m sure isn’t new to him, that talked about that in Music 95% right isn’t good enough.  I thought this was a really cool example to show the importance of the arts and how students are held to a higher standard…you think a 95% is a great score in Algebra, but when you listen to each student getting a 95% on a piece of music, it’s shocking!  It’s well worth the 6 minutes of time to invest in watching this.

Now, why does this matter to you as a reader…all to often, we try to squeak by and do the minimum required.  If it’s not good enough for a timpani player in a senior high school band…I doubt it’s good enough for you either.  Excellence should be our goal!

Be Where Your Feet Are…

Be Where Your Feet Are…

My son Nicholas is preparing to start his Freshman baseball season with the FDTC Stingers.  There was a preview article in the Morning News over this past weekend (linked here).  There was a quote as part of the article that really caught my attention:

“We feel we have a good team in terms of leadership from players, and that has definitely improved from what we lacked the past couple of years,” McDonald said. “They’re here to win, not necessarily concerned where they’re going in the future. It’s about, ‘Be where your feet are,’ and the guys are all in and are doing everything they can to get better and put ourselves to win some games this year.”

I was drawn to this quote…”Be Where Your Feet Are“…because I run into this in my daily life, particularly at work.  In my profession of sales in a large multi-national corporation, there is a constant “flow” of human capital from one position to another, one part of the country to another, hopefully up the ladder of success.  There is nothing wrong with this concept…in fact, I have benefited in my career from this concept, and corporations need this to happen to continue to develop leaders that will allow the corporation to remain competitive and relevant.

Here’s the challenge I have called out on more than one occasion….and it’s really the point that Coach PMac is making in the above quote…if you don’t focus on your job today, tomorrow’s “hoped for” position may never arrive!  I’ve seen many qualified and “projectible” people who have the ability to succeed in their “hoped for” position, but as one of my old Division President’s said…”the currency required to move in this organization is performance…period.”  If you aren’t able to exceed expectations at your current position, the next position may never arrive.

So my challenge to all the highly educated, well groomed, aspiring CEO’s of the future out there…BE WHERE YOUR FEET ARE and your future will be very bright!

Now…go sell something and be productive!!