I’ve posted about this before, but as I was listening to this podcase of the Ken Coleman Show, he drove home some points I just had to add to my blog!

He was speaking with a caller named Spencer about his job search, which was limited to using LinkedIn and sending e-mails.  Ken really drove home some great points about why it’s still important, even in this digital/social media age, to develop and leverage your network, and actually meet and interact with people in person.

The specific call starts at the 30:40 mark of the podcast and takes the rest of the podcast (about 10 minutes).  This is an important lesson for those new to the job market, or those “new again” to the job market!  Please share if you feel this will help someone!

Here is also a link to an article at The Social Media Butterfly with some great tips about utilizing LinkedIn as A PIECE of the PUZZLE in Job Hunting…it’s not everything!