image above originally found at “It’s Your Turn Blog”

I came across this short little video today while searching for a video explanation of the “Oz Principles.”  While only a couple of minutes long, it does a great job of calling out the 4 key steps in establishing a culture of accountability.

  1. Establish Expectations
  2. Gain Commitment
  3. Inspect what you Expect
  4. Provide Feedback and Consequences

This is a very timely video in my current leadership capacity as we begin 2019 and look to improve performance over 2018.  One of the key areas for my focus this year is landing on and establishing the critical few expectations for the team.  As simple as it sounds, if you can establish the expectations that will drive the performance you desire to have your team achieve, then you’re onto something!  In a world where you get pulled in multiple directions, however, this isn’t as nearly as simple as you’d like to think it would be.  It takes a lot of focus, analysis, and strategy to land on the critical few expectations that will drive the results needed to win in my company and yours also!

Take a look at this quick little video and I intend to break down each of these steps over the next 4 weekly blog posts and how I’m making it work in my business!

Now go out there and be successful in all that you do!