I love this video from Frank Martin and his early days at USC.  The video title describes it as an **EPIC RANT**, and while I disagree with that description, you can tell he is visibly upset at his players.  Throughout this video, he drops some great pearls about life, leadership, work ethic, and basketball!

Here are a couple I found particularly interesting:

  • You gotta have pride in your work
  • You gotta invest yourself to be good
  • If you have no passion for what you do, you shouldn’t do it!
  • You control who you are everyday in your life…if you walk around with your head and shoulders down, you got no chance!
  • (about his players) If I’ve lost them, they better disappear
  • For the ball to go into the basket you gotta have courage and you gotta work at it
  • In life, you get what you deserve

All of these statements have a similar feel to it, which is far less common than it used to be…You have to take responsibility for your actions!  Don’t blame others, you aren’t a victim, you have created this situation you are in through a series of choices you made over time.

I posted another video from him in a previous blog post about his reaction to Castro dying (his family is from Cuba), and he speaks more about personal accountability in that one as well.

While he can be overly boisterous with his players during a game, this guy is deep into accountability and leadership.  Good stuff here!

Remember your three to do’s today (and everyday):  

  1. Learn something you didn’t already know
  2. Make someone smile you come into contact with
  3. Check a box…get something done today