My son Spencer was the timpani player in 2017 for the All District Band which was held at Darlington Middle School.  The leader of the Senior High District Band did an example, which I’m sure isn’t new to him, that talked about that in Music 95% right isn’t good enough.  I thought this was a really cool example to show the importance of the arts and how students are held to a higher standard…you think a 95% is a great score in Algebra, but when you listen to each student getting a 95% on a piece of music, it’s shocking!  It’s well worth the 6 minutes of time to invest in watching this.

Now, why does this matter to you as a reader…all to often, we try to squeak by and do the minimum required. ¬†If it’s not good enough for a timpani player in a senior high school band…I doubt it’s good enough for you either. ¬†Excellence should be our goal!