Management is not about being fair to people…it’s about being kind, respectful, and professional to everyone

Management is about getting the most out of each person and understanding what it takes to achieve that

I found this podcast about 7-8 years ago and have been a huge fan of it ever since.  The quality of the information they give out weekly…FOR FREE…is amazing!  The thing I most love about it is that it isn’t “hypothetical” or “academic”…it is hands on tips delivered step by step (albeit sometimes in excruciating detail) that I can take and use that same day in my mission to become the best manager & leader for my team.  Mike and Mark use their experiences from the military and the professional world (mainly technology companies) to share these strategies.  It’s interesting, and even though their experiences are in a completely different industry and different leadership positions (i.e. not sales), it proves that management is about people, and people are people.

People management would be easy if it weren’t for the people…

I love this quote, and listening to this podcast proves this point out…people (including yours truly) are challenging to manage, and it takes focused effort and much energy to be good at it.  Corporate America suffers from a severe lack of great (or even acceptable) managers!  I am told by my teams that I am one of the exceptions, and this podcast has been a big help in my development as a leader!

Thanks Mike and Mark!

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