November 2012 Book Review – Attack Your Day!: Before It Attacks You

I purchased this book for my Kindle App for the iPad on a whim while we were on our fall vacation in Hendersonville in early November.  I had never heard about it, and I feel like when it comes to my work life, I am pretty organized.  I will say, however, that this book has tips and concepts in it that I will be incorporating into my daily work routine.  I also like the basic concept of managing your days…

The new time management isn’t TIME management at all; it’s ACTIVITY management, and balance.

This Kindle ebook (or paperback) is all about managing our lives so as best to capitalize on three precious gifts – time, energy and choice. In an interesting and inspirational manner it helps us to examine everything that we are doing (or not doing) and to isolate those areas which are making our lives less than fruitful.  While all can benefit, book provides real tips that the ordinary person like myself can incorporate in how we are navigating our way through life and organize ourselves better. Even if you are wholly satisfied with how you are handling things and just want to read it out of curiosity, you are bound to find a useful tip here and there to try out.

I am still working through the 101 tips in the back of the book…those tips are worth the price of the book itself, which is extremely affordable.

The link below takes you to Amazon where you can find deals on this book!  Enjoy…Attack Your Day!: Before It Attacks You