My son Nicholas is preparing to start his Freshman baseball season with the FDTC Stingers.  There was a preview article in the Morning News over this past weekend (linked here).  There was a quote as part of the article that really caught my attention:

“We feel we have a good team in terms of leadership from players, and that has definitely improved from what we lacked the past couple of years,” McDonald said. “They’re here to win, not necessarily concerned where they’re going in the future. It’s about, ‘Be where your feet are,’ and the guys are all in and are doing everything they can to get better and put ourselves to win some games this year.”

I was drawn to this quote…”Be Where Your Feet Are“…because I run into this in my daily life, particularly at work.  In my profession of sales in a large multi-national corporation, there is a constant “flow” of human capital from one position to another, one part of the country to another, hopefully up the ladder of success.  There is nothing wrong with this concept…in fact, I have benefited in my career from this concept, and corporations need this to happen to continue to develop leaders that will allow the corporation to remain competitive and relevant.

Here’s the challenge I have called out on more than one occasion….and it’s really the point that Coach PMac is making in the above quote…if you don’t focus on your job today, tomorrow’s “hoped for” position may never arrive!  I’ve seen many qualified and “projectible” people who have the ability to succeed in their “hoped for” position, but as one of my old Division President’s said…”the currency required to move in this organization is performance…period.”  If you aren’t able to exceed expectations at your current position, the next position may never arrive.

So my challenge to all the highly educated, well groomed, aspiring CEO’s of the future out there…BE WHERE YOUR FEET ARE and your future will be very bright!

Now…go sell something and be productive!!