Why are you—or why do you want to be—a leader, really? This is the question bestselling author and leadership expert Patrick Lencioni helps answer in his newest book, The Motive. In this episode, Pat explains how your response to five common leadership responsibilities can reveal whether you’re in it for the right reasons (or not!)—and what to do about it.

This was one of my favorite podcasts that I listened to this week!  I actually listened to parts of it 3 times so I could make sure my notes were accurate!  It’s clearly, in my opinion, worth your listen!  Patrick Lencioni is the guest on this podcast, and he shares some great and timeless leadership lessons.  The overarching quote I took away was this:


The conversation broke down into 5 key areas for leaders to focus on with our teams.  This conversation focused on leaders at the “CEO” level, but we can all benefit as leaders by incorporating these 5 principles.

  1. INVEST TIME TO DEVELOP AND LEAD YOUR TEAM: You can’t farm this out or give it lip service.  Be vulnerable, take risks, disagree on purpose, challenge each other!
  2. MANAGE YOUR REPORTS AS INDIVIDUALS: You HAVE to know your people (reminds me of Manager Tools 1:1 strategy) and provide Guidance, Coaching, and Accountability!  Management (GOOD Management) is a gift to everyone through a rhythm of 1:1 meetings.  We must manage our teams as INDIVIDUALS to an IMMOVABLE STANDARD…the standard doesn’t change!
  3. HAVING DIFFICULT CONVERSATIONS IS CRITICAL: Be a purveyor of joyful accountability!  You can BE NICE, but we have to set a standard and hold our people to that standard (I’ve heard this called the “Velvet Hammer” approach).  Being NICE without accountability (Grandfather approach) isn’t helpful, being HONEST is!
  4. RUN GREAT MEETINGS: As a leader, YOU are responsible for your meetings and running GREAT FOCUSED meetings!  During a meeting, SILENCE by attendees doesn’t equal AGREEMENT, it typically equals DISSENT.  You have to create an environment where challenges and conflict is welcomed, but it needs to be based on TRUST.  Reward and recognize appropriate conflict when it occurs.
  5. CONSTANTLY REPEAT KEY MESSAGES: This one was critical to me, as I’m in the process of doing that exact thing with our key 2020 strategies. As leaders, we need to OVER COMMUNICATE with our teams.

“Because I care about you so much, I’m going to be ruthlessly direct with you”

“A great leader is typically a little geeky because they are so extremely sold out to their mission”

“Fight for the mission”

Why Do We Lead?  Typically falls into 1 of 2 answers:

  1. It’s a reward for my talent and hard work
  2. It’s a Huge Responsibility…I owe it to the ones that I serve

Obviously the call to serve leads to the strongest leadership characteristics.

I loved this podcast, as it aligns with many of my key leadership approaches.  ENTRE-LEADERSHIP typically has strong podcasts, but I truly engaged with this one as I listened to it this week.  This one is worth an HOUR of your time!