Here is our recipe for Pineapple Au Gratin, or as some call it Pineapple Casserole.  The original credit for this recipe goes out to Marsha Poston from an old version of a Southside Baptist Cookbook!

When I make this recipe, I typically cook it in one of the “Half Pan” Aluminum Pans like you’d get at Sams.  When cooking it in a pan this size, I follow the direction for doubling it…basically double everything except the pineapple, which I use 3 cans instead of 2.  As always, in Trina’s recipe writing methodology, “T” is Tablespoon, and “t” is teaspoon.  I also prefer using Butter to Margarine…because, who doesn’t?

Just don’t let the top get too brown, if you do, it tends to caramelize, then when you serve it, the top gets a little too crunchy and tough to break through!